Luxury Master Suite

This project in NW3 was a brand new home for a previous client.  Having inherited a planning permission for the site from the previous owners, external works were limited to the approved envelope and style but the inside provided a canvas for the clients to display their personalities all the way through the home.

With a generous 750 SQM floor plan, spaces were able to be given more area than in other smaller homes.  This led to grand connected spaces at all levels.

On the first floor, the Master Suite is the epitome of private luxury with a 90 sqm bedroom, bathroom and dressing area across the entire south facing rear of the property behind a large double door from the main hallway.

With a central Juliette balcony the bed sits against a bespoke back-lit bedhead wall with inbuilt side tables and reading lamps and lights floating above.  This opens up onto a large dressing area with a set of corner cupboards and a central dressing unit.

Walking around to the bathroom there is a suggestion of what is to come as large slabs of contrasting marble ‘peek out’ into the passageway.  The design here is based on a series of slabs rising from floor to ceiling in contrasting and inverted marbles to create distinct spaces for the functions of the room as well as to define ‘his and her’ spaces. 

As you enter the bathroom you are greeted with Panda White book-matched marble slab denoting ‘her’ dressing area with a sink unit on the reverse.  Facing onto this is ‘his’ sink area on a Black Moon book-matched marble slab.  Behind this slab is a 2.5m walk through shower and separate ‘his and hers’ toilets behind the final partition.

The marbles were carefully selected to be as close to a perfect invert of each other as possible, with the monochrome adding to the impressive contrast.

The floor-to-ceiling slab partitions are set to be perpendicular to the rear wall and window allowing light to flow into the entire bathroom space.  The striking pebble free-standing bath floats harmoniously in front of one of the windows.  The effect is a dramatic yet very functional bathroom space.

Materiality was of high importance throughout with the suite flooring in timber parquet throughout allowing a real sense of continuing space -  the only break in this is for the walk through shower slab.  White plastered walls are used in all spaces to allow the materials to be visually prominent.  A dark grey stained oak is used on the bedroom furniture with the bedhead being a painted softwood and a bespoke construction built in situ.