Hodford Road


The project started off as a relatively straight forward rear extension and kitchen refurbishment but when the clients agreed to include a 6m long board marked concrete wall the design took on a new dimension. One rear corner was extended; 1m sideways and 1.5m backwards. 



This was all that was needed to relocate the kitchen and create a dining space and family room for the client. The 6m long concrete side wall extended above the existing ceiling by 600mm before being glazed over so that natural light can wash the wall without the space being overlooked by the neighbour. The rear extension is glazed on 3 sides and connects to the side roof glazing. To take full advantage of this wrap-around glass roof the main structural beam supporting the first floor room above is cranked up out of sight so that the ceiling appears to oat. The sliding glass doors in the in the rear extension are 3.2 M tall, again extending beyond the original ceiling level and connecting the internal space to the garden. 



The white handle-less kitchen, which boasts a 3.2m long island, extends outside a glazed pivot door to an outside BBQ area. The formal living area is connected to the family space through a piece of joinery that conceal pocket doors.

Hodford Road Entrance - MW Architects

There is a concrete shelf for media and the re place cast across the chimney breast. The hallway was given a more traditional treatment with new tiled floor and a coat cupboard blended into the paneling.